• Farming in the extremes – 2nd December 2020

The last twelve months has been very difficult for many growers, a wet autumn curtailed much of 2019’s winter cropping plans followed by a very dry spring which throttled yield potential for this past harvest.

The Soil and Water Management Centres annual conference, which this year is virtual, is a timely opportunity to reconsider resilience to extreme weather.

This year’s conference tackles the consequences of climate change and how to successfully farm to mitigate these effects, be it extreme rainfall and shorter periods for harvest and crop establishment or prolonged periods of drought.

Andrew Richards of Agrii (a partner of the Soil and Water Management Centre) says that ‘Despite the rapidly changing seasons, farmers have always had to make the best of the situation, whatever the weather. This year’s conference hears first-hand from the experts and growers who are rising to this challenge.’

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