Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is a methodology used by farmers to reduce the area extent of soil compaction in any given field. It uses the principle of confining all field vehicles to the least possible area of permanent traffic lanes. It works on the principle that if you don’t damage the soil, you don’t have to repair it. Much of the time and energy we put into soils is to undo the compaction damage we have caused by driving machines all over them.

As the system is in tune with the aims of the Soil and Water Management Centre of protecting soils, we provide some information about the production and environmental benefits associated with it. We also encourage you to find out more & network with the increasing number of farmers converting to CTF. You can do this by visiting the controlled traffic farming website where you will be able to join the newly formed (2019) CTF network supported by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany(NIAB)