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Crop sampling to determine comparative yields from cropped traffic lanes

06 Sep 2016 17:01 | Tim Chamen (Administrator)

Thanks to the cooperation of 8 farms and the generous sponsorship of Dale Drills, Smart Agri Platform, we now have all but one of the required sets of samples "in the bag". These will enable us to quantify yield and components of yield from the cropped traffic lanes. In turn, this will provide the background information that can be used in our calculators to predict the likely net yield response from any particular CTF system and its associated trafficked area. It should also reveal the loss in income from these compacted areas and allow us to determine the cost-effectiveness of different management options. Thanks again to Dale Drills for sponsoring this phase of the work and carrying out sampling on their own farm.

We now however come to the next phase of the project, which is dealing with the samples. This will involve counting, threshing, recording, analysiing and writing up and ideally, some more sponsorship to cover this phase of the work. Please contact Tim if you would be willing to put something in the pot!


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