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The worm has turned

20 Oct 2014 17:59 | Anonymous

Tim Chamen from CTF Europe has long awaited an independent and science-based study of Glenside's Bioscence crop growing system and it seems that the RASE together with partners have now come up with results from just that! I came across their report in Farming Futures from which there is a link to the full report. 

Although more research is needed on a broader scale, the results are certainly encouraging and prove the point about nurturing the soil as living organism. What was not covered in the study was the effect of physical inputs to the soil, such as soil compaction and one wonders whether the downturn in crop responses in the very wet year of 2012 may have been avoided if controlled traffic had been in operation? 

Controlled traffic farmers are perfectly placed to host studies of this nature, with replicated conventionally compacted strips at right angles to their traffic lanes. It would be a small price to pay to extend the valuable research already conducted. If you are a controlled traffic farmer and willing to make some of your land available for research, please make yourselves known to RASE if you are interested in any future work they may conduct of this nature.


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