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Three CTF Europe members are among 8 new HGCA arable monitor farms in the UK

25 Mar 2014 21:19 | Anonymous

Yesterday HGCA announced its eight new arable monitor farms in the UK (). Rob Fox, Tom Bradshaw and Julian Gold were selected from 136 entries and have committed themselves to three years of scrutiny and visits from other farmers. Of particular value for assessing the viability of their production methods will be benchmarking and peer review as well as a steering committee. 

Julian's farm is the subject of our Case Study 12, which is available for CTF Europe members to download. His is a 10 m CTF system with many novel features including baling without compromising his traffic lanes.

We look forward to hearing about their activities and analysis of their production costs. Congratulations and thanks to them for "sticking their heads above the parapet"! We hope it will be a rewarding three years for them.


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