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Survey of area under controlled traffic systems

05 Aug 2014 21:17 | Anonymous

Early in 2014 CTF Europe surveyed its members to see how many were now operating a full (CTF) or seasonal (SCTF) controlled traffic system or had plans to get into controlled traffic in the near future. 

They had about 50% return for the questionnaire, so the figures quoted here will be conservative and of course do not include non-members who have introduced controlled traffic onto their farms.

The total returns across northern Europe in seasonal and full controlled traffic (SCTF and CTF) and one farm in Africa suggest an area of 53,417 ha, of which 12,432 are in SCTF. The area planned for CTF and SCTF in the next few years was around 20,000 ha.

If you are not a member of CTF Europe and are running a controlled traffic system and would like to record your area, please get in touch on our contacts page.


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