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Agrovation 2015

CTF demonstration and development farm for Horsch, 3,000 ha in the Czech Republic

The Agrovation farm was host of the 2nd International CTF Conference 18-19 June 2015 

Machine manufacturer Horsch tests and develop new machines on their own land. A 12 m CTF system is implemented on the 3,000 ha Czech property AgroVation. The 2nd International CTF conference was held 18 and 19 June 2015 and included a visit to the property.

New Video from Horsch. Presentation of CTF system på Agrovation

When Horsch took over the property in 2012 both the fields and the machines were characterized by poor maintenance. Earth was compacted and uneven, and many drains did not work. Intensive tillage has been applied the first years, after which a a 12 m CTF system has been established where all machines, except for the sprayer, are fitted with belts, to concentrate compaction of the soil to the ground below the tracks.

Field at acquisition of the property. Autumn 2012 (Photo: Horsch)

Two Claas combines has been upgraded with new original Claas 12.3 m fronts.

Two extensions for augeres have been succesfully tested. They ensure that the grain is delivered to the chaser bin runs 12 meters from the harvester.

The experiences of Horsch with belts is that only the soil in the upper 15 cm is compacted and as opposed to tires, do not create ruts. The slurry tanker and the fertilser spreader are also on belts. A Horsch 12 meter single disc cutter injector is used to incorporate cattle manure from the 600 dairy cows on the farm. The gauge (track width center to center) is 3 m for all machines.

Belts on all machines means that formation of deep tracks (rutting) is avoided. (Photo: Horsch)

Using belts really showed value during the wet harvest in 2013. (Photo: Horsch)

The slurry tanker is fitted with a telescopic shaft and the belts are turning to ensure minimal damage to growing crops at headlands.

CTF is the basis for optimal logistics.

Solutions of the future are tested to achieve optimum utilization of machinery. When the tracks to drive are known beforehand, it is possible to calculate working hours and minimize downtime.

Tracks for 12 and 36 m working width, respectively are planned for all fields, so that the fewest possible tracks are bothered by masts and other obstacles. This increases capacity in all operations. (Graphic: Horsch)

The new Horsch self-propelled sprayer is designed to spray with up to 30 km/ha and with low boom height. The distance between nozzles is 25 cm.

The slurry tanker, the sprayer and the fertilizer spreader are filled with trucks carrying the excact amount to re-fill. Pesticides are mixed beforehand at the property. In the future, fertilser will be mixed in the manure, to ensure excact nitrogen allocation and to enable adjustment of the application rate to the length of the tracks. This minimises empty runs. (Photo: Horsch)

Additional information about CTF on the AgroVation farm:

Videos from the Agrovation Farm

Spreading of fertiliser with Rauch spreader. Source: Agrovidea CZ Crystal

Harvesting OSR 2012. For the the two Claas Lexion 780 combines Horsch and Claas have extended the unloading augers, so they reach the chaser bins  in the next 12 m track.
During the harvest of 2012 the final CTF track were fixed for this field. The OSR, as can be seen, was drilled in a different direction . Source: AgrartechnikHD

Horsch Field days 2014.
Presentation of Horsch maschines i any size! Source: Martin King.


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